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In the rainforests of Malaysia, lives an animal so elusive - the Malayan tiger. Once, a striped monarch of this ancient kingdom but today, the hunter has become the hunted. Poachers enter the land of the tiger to snare and sell their prey. To know how many tigers still remain and where, a definitive new survey is being carried out in the most challenging conditions. Thousands of camera traps have been placed throughout this forbidding world and the images are an insight to life in the rainforest. Results from the survey are devastating and galvanizes action to save the Malayan tiger.

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While tiger populations around the world are crashing, tiger numbers in a remote nature reserve in Sumatra, Indonesia are increasing. Here even man killers are being rehabilitated and released into the wild. The man behind this unique conservation project is Indonesian tycoon, Tomy Winata. Tomy’ s ambitious plan now includes releasing a tiger born in captivity into the wild, will it survive and can the experiment transform conservation practices and save the Sumatran tiger?

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Join Michelle Yeoh – star of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” – on a very personal journey back home to Malaysia and into the world of the orangutan.  Orangutans – whose name means “persons of the forest’ are among the planet’s most endangered primates, and they are the only great ape found in Asia.  Once ranging from China to Java, now orangutans survive only on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.  But as Michelle finds out during her visit to Sabah on the island of Borneo, many people – from local Malaysians to international conservationists - devote their lives to the battle to save orangutans from extinction.  But are they winning?

Screened on National Geographic Channel

"We feel most at home while we are in the rainforest." - Harun Rahman